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At our organization, we strive to empower healthcare professionals and patients with the necessary knowledge and skills to promote sustainable lifestyle choices. We deeply value those who work towards this goal on a daily basis, inspiring others to do the same in their communities. We would be honored to feature individuals who are creating initiatives or programs aimed at sustainable change, or who have built careers focused on this mission.

The field of lifestyle medicine is currently experiencing an exciting period of growth. With a demonstrated need for these programs, recognition of their evidence-based approach, and growing confidence in their ability to effect positive change, there are increasingly more opportunities for health professionals to learn, integrate these principles, and design a sustainable future for themselves and for our healthcare system. We are thrilled to see Lifestyle Medicine being integrated across various fields, including general practice, anesthesiology, nursing, psychiatry, and many others. The number of programs and initiatives continues to expand, offering unique opportunities to learn and tailor approaches to fit the needs of individual communities. Please share with us any exciting developments or initiatives in your area.

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