Board Members

The Board of the SLSLM consists of Sri Lankan physicians from diverse medical backgrounds and allied health specialists, and it prides itself in representing all cultural and religious backgrounds in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Samandika Saparamadu


Samandika Saparamadu (MBBS, DipIBLM) is a primary care physician. He graduated from the University of Colombo and was based in Singapore, working in public healthcare and medical startups. He is now reading for his MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a Dean’s Scholar.
He has been an advocate for lifestyle medicine for many years. Dr. Saparamadu is a founding member of the SLSLM and the Chair of the Lifestyle Medicine Research Alliance. He also serves as the President of the Asian Lifestyle Medicine Council, Advisory Council member of the Global Positive Health Institute, California, and Executive Board member of the World Lifestyle Medicine Organisation, Geneva.
Dr. Saparamadu is a medical researcher. His main research interests are chronic disease epidemiology, health policy, health equity, and health promotion.

Dr. Rukshanie De Silva


Dr. Rukshanie De Silva (MBBS, MD, SCE – Endocrine & Diabetes) is an experienced specialist in the field of internal medicine. She recently completed her training in the UK, where she gained valuable experience and exposure in her field.

In addition to her medical training, Dr. Rukshanie is passionate regarding health education and medical writing. She firmly believes in educating the people of Sri Lanka about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity.

Currently, Dr. Rukshanie serves as the secretary of the Sri Lankan Society of Lifestyle Medicine. She is also an active member of the Asian Lifestyle Medicine Council, where she collaborates with other healthcare professionals to develop innovative approaches to promote healthy living and disease prevention.

Dr. Khayali John


Dr. Khayali John (DMD, DipIBLM) is one of the founding members of the SLSLM. She is currently serving in the development sector as a Health and Nutrition technical specialist. She is passionate about public health, advocacy and the creation of awareness.
Dr. John is also an artist and a musician and is interested in learning more about the application of therapeutic benefits of various art forms. She is also a graphic designer and contributes in the production of many visual communication materials in her field.
In addition to her work in the fields of Nutrition and Social Connectivity, Dr. John has a keen interest in exploring the intersections of these fields with public and global health. She has been actively engaged in a number of community development projects that focus on nutrition as a key component of overall health and wellbeing, in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Mathurahan Selvarasa

VP Public Relations

Dr Mathurahan (MBBS, MSc in Medical administration (reading), MEcon (reading)) is a post graduate trainee in Medical Administration (Medical Leadership and Management).

He worked as a primary care physician for three years at the Divisional Hospital Omanthai and later moved to District General Hospital Omanthai as the Medical Officer in Cardiology.

He has completed a diploma program in Pain and Palliative Medicine at a WHO Collaborated Training Center in Hyderabad India in 2018, and covered the role of Palliative Care Physician in Vavuniya District in addition to the role of Medical Officer in Cardiology.

He worked as the Acting Deputy Director in DGH Vavuniya prior to his attachment to the postgraduate institute of medicine, University of Colombo.

Dr. Rasarie Wimalana

VP membership

Dr. Rasarie Wimalana (MBBS, MSc, DipIBLM), is a newly qualified practitioner, speaker and passionate advocate of Lifestyle Medicine. She has recently completed a master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology and is the founder of Sajeevan, a Lifestyle Medicine initiative aimed at promoting public awareness through social media platforms such as YouTube since February 2023.
Dr. Rasarie has five years of experience as a critical care doctor in Colombo and as a trainer in cardiac arrest resuscitation. She is an Immediate and Advanced Life Support Instructor and Instructor Trainer Candidate with the European Resuscitation Council and a national level Course Director. Additionally, she serves on the Research Committee of the Resuscitation Council of Sri Lanka.
Her areas of interest in Lifestyle Medicine include health behavior change, developing positive connections, and psychological immunity.

Dr. Mufeedha Fausz

VP Education

Dr. Mufeedha Fausz (MBBS, DipIBLM) is a dedicated lifestyle medicine practitioner who has made it her life’s work to educate and promote lifestyle medicine in the healthcare community and society at large. Although she initially trained in pediatrics, her work in the UK and Qatar has allowed her to develop a deep appreciation for the role of nutrition and food habits in overall health.

In addition to her professional work, Dr. Fausz has a strong commitment to community outreach. She has conducted numerous workshops, particularly for underserved populations to educate on lifestyle medicine.

Looking towards the future, Dr. Fausz has set her sights on opening a lifestyle medicine practice in Sri Lanka. She is committed to making a positive impact on the health and well-being of the people of Sri Lanka, and believes that this will be an important step towards creating a healthier, happier society.

Dr. Kasun Eranga

VP Communications

Dr. Kasun Eranga (MBBS) is a graduate of the University of Kelaniya with eight years of experience in primary medical care, maternal and child health, public health, and non-communicable disease (NCD) prevention. Furthermore, he is a skilled communicator who currently works in health education.

In addition to his medical background, Dr. Kasun is also an experienced social media marketer and blogger. He has been able to successfully leverage his skills in these areas to effectively communicate with a wide range of audiences, which has been particularly useful in his work in health education.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kasun has organized numerous field-level events to raise awareness about NCDs. His ability to communicate effectively with the public through social media and other channels has been a key factor in his success in engaging with the masses. He aims to combine his medical expertise with his marketing and communication skills to make a real difference in the lives of many people.

Dr. Himal Kalambarachchi

Board Member

Dr. Himal Oshadha Kalambarachchi (MBBS, MD), is a compassionate, competent, and accountable physician specializing in Acute & Internal Medicine with 10 years of experience in Sri Lanka. Currently, he works as a Specialty Doctor in Older Patient’s Medicine at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust.
Dr. Kalambarachchi obtained his MBBS degree from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo, Sri Lanka, in 2013. He completed his MD in Internal Medicine at the Post Graduate Institute of Medicine, University of Colombo, in 2019.
He actively engages in clinical audit and research, including a clinical trial related to COVID-19 patients. His interests and career focus on internal medicine, infectious diseases, and geriatrics. Dr. Kalambarachchi has extensive teaching and training experience, organizing webinars, post-graduate sessions, and skill training.
In addition, he is an active member of the Galle Medical Association and an associate member of the Sri Lankan College of Internal Medicine. He served as the Programme Manager of CPD for medical officers at SHRI Knowledge Academy, Sri Lanka, emphasizing education.

Dr. Arunie Malwatta

Board Member

Dr. Arunie Malwatta (MBBS, MSc, MD, PGCert-MedEd), is a Nutrition Physician attached to the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. With 18 years of professional experience, she has worked in various specialties, with the last six years specializing in adult and pediatric nutrition. Dr. Arunie has gained expertise in several areas, including adult and pediatric obesity, nutrition management in bariatric surgery, sports nutrition, nutrition counseling, and lifestyle medicine.

She is also a qualified medical educationist and is passionate about educating the next generation of medical and healthcare professionals. For several years, she has been teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students at the National Hospital of Sri Lanka. Currently, she teaches “Sports Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle” for BSc in Sports and Fitness at Lincoln University, Malaysia.

One of Dr. Arunie’s primary motivations is to promote healthy nutrition and other lifestyle pillars in order to reverse the burden of non-communicable diseases that are currently plaguing the society.

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