How do I Certify?

The IBLM Certification Pathway

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Exam Registration Process

Registrations for the event- based examination in Sri Lanka in 2023 is now closed.

For inquiries and support for Sri Lankan physicians and professionals: please write to us at

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Lifestyle Medicine Certification Competencies & Exam Weighting

The Breakdown of Exam Weighting

  • Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine – 4% 
  • Fundamentals of Health Behavior Change – 10% 
  • Key Clinical Processes in Lifestyle Medicine – 8% 
  • The Role of the Practitioner’s Personal Health and Community Advocacy – 4% 
  • Nutrition Science, Assessment, Prescription – 26% 
  • Physical Activity Science and Prescription – 14% 
  • Emotional Well-being, Assessments, and Interventions – 10% 
  • Sleep Health Science and Interventions – 8% 
  • Managing Tobacco Cessation and other Toxic Exposures – 8% 
  • The Role of Connectedness and Positive Psychology – 8%

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In 2023, the SLSLM in collaboration with the IBLM offered an extraordinary offer.

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Upcoming Exam Dates

Event-based examination details in Sri Lanka: on 7 October 2023 at the Meeting Room 01, Second Floor, UCFM Tower, Maradana Road, Colombo 08.

Registrations are now closed for 2023.

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